It all started
in 1929

When our grandfather Alojz Kocbek started working in milling and later in oil production in 1929, he never thought that his beginnings would grow into a family business that would be recognized worldwide for products of the highest quality.


Our history

What is important to us


Because grandfather Alojz set the right path, we continue the tradition that allows us to make the best products we can make even today. We still use the same mill as in 1929 and still process the oil in the same way as then. And we will keep that forever.


Alojz Kocbek's knowledge has been passed on and nurtured through generations, and today the responsibility of the family lies with his grandson Gorazd Kocbek. Gorazd feels great respect and deep gratitude for this knowledge, so he continues to develop the KOCBEK brand as a forward-looking company in close connection with the past.


We are passionate in what we do and our goal is simple. Whether it's pumpkin seed oil or chocolate - we want to make the best products we can. We want you to taste our passion in all our products and for our passion to become your passion.

Alojz Kocbek

Traditional recipes
since 1929

Respect for tradition and understanding of the modern.

From generation to generation, knowledge has been passed on and today it continues its journey under the wings of the creative hands of a grandson who respects tradition and understands modernity.


Luxurious Luxury Black Bottle

Luxury Black Bottle is the fruit of Slovenian knowledge, made in the Hrastnik glass factory on the basis of the needs of more demanding markets and their customers to present an exclusive, unique, luxury product with a convincing design story, content and packaging. Each bottle is hand-blown from the purest glass, without the admixture of heavy metals (crystal - as a prestigious glass contains 30% lead o.p.) and placed in a box made of century-old oak wood.

This glass is the most pristine for foodstuff, in this case pumpkin seed oil, the storage of which is most suitable in dark glass packaging.

The next chapter of high end cuisine

The new, luxurious filling of the bottle is organic pumpkin seed oil made from sorted out and polished pumpkin seeds of the indigenous variety, which were grown on intact soil in the vicinity of the Kocbek oil mill. The purified seeds are ground in a mill with real stones, which the Kocbeks started using in 1929.

Michelin Star Chef

Chef Ana Roš from Franko House in Kobarid

Certainly the best restaurants in Slovenia and undoubtedly one of the best in the world, which years ago boasted the title of the best cook in the world, the ambassador of Slovenian cuisine always takes care of fantastic delicious masterpieces. She also applied pumpkin seed oil from a Luxury Black Bottle with our pipette.

Michelin Star Chef

Chef Tomaž Kavčič from Zemono Castle

Chef Tomaž Kavčič is one of those who took home cuisine to the very top of the world. His style is basically very simple: He insists with his basic ingredients and his elemental flavors. He respects tradition and is aware of the challenge on how to maintain consistency so that each guest receives from under his hands what he came for. This goal has become the guide and a way of life of the culinary team with which he creates. We ourselves are proud to find a combination of our pumpkin seed oil among his dishes!

Chef Janez Bratovž from the JB restaurant

Janez Bratovž - master chef, belongs to the very top not only Slovenian, but also of world cuisine. He is considered a pioneer of modern Slovenian cuisine and the list of his culinary experiences is rich, varied and creative. The plates are prepared with the highest degree of taste and knowledge. He, too, uses a Luxury black bottle pipette to apply pumpkin seed oil to his culinary masterpieces.

How it's made

"We strive to ensure that our products are of the highest quality and offer only the best to the end consumer, not just select restaurants and chefs."

Gorazd Kocbek
Oljarna kocbek


Taste the delight
Kocbek Luxury Black Bottle

Logo Kocbek zlat

Luxury Black Bottle

Logo Kocbek zlat

Luxury Black Bottle - Gold

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