Traditional recipe
since 1929

To be able to offer you pumpkin seed oil, which is uncompromisingly of the highest quality,
we thank the natural endowments of our environment.

The same methods as in the year 1929

The methods we use to make our hot pressed pumpkin seed oil today are the same as they were in 1929. The process of oil production is as natural as possible.

At the hot press process, the seeds are mechanically and thermically treated. To make this oil, we use BIO pumpkin seeds which are grown for us by local farmers in fields of still intact nature. Organic pumpkin seeds are sorted and polished by hand before processing. First, the seeds are ground in a mill on real stones, then water is mixed into them and after a few minutes of roasting, when the water evaporates, the seeds release oil. Water is what prevents the seeds from burning during roasting, which allows the production of 100% pure oil.


For the most intense
taste of nature

The seeds are then slowly roasted between 100 and 110 ° C and finally pressed in a press to maintain a pleasant and concrete taste. The oil has a characteristic dark color and density, strongly smells and has a more intense taste.

For one liter of hot pressed oil, we need an average of 3 kilograms of pumpkin seeds or 33 pumpkins.


Taste the delight
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