Luxury Black Bottle

Luxury Black Bottle is the fruit of Slovenian knowledge, made in the Hrastnik glass factory on the basis of the needs of more demanding markets and their customers to present an exclusive, unique, luxury product with a convincing design story, content and packaging.

Unique Bottle
Luxury Black Bottle

Each bottle is hand-blown from the purest glass, without the admixture of heavy metals (crystal - as a prestigious glass contains 30% lead o.p.) and placed in a box made of century-old oak wood. This glass is the most pristine for foodstuff, in this case pumpkin seed oil, the storage of which is most suitable in dark glass packaging.

The filling of the bottle is organic pumpkin seed oil made from sorted out and polished pumpkin seeds of the indigenous variety, which were grown on intact soil in the vicinity of the Kocbek oil mill. The purified seeds are ground in a mill with real stones, which the Kocbeks started using in 1929. The bottle also has a special sign taken from the first stamp of Alojz Kocbek and his initials, which is also available in gold tile, purity of 999.9.


Luxury Black Bottle – unique with a special pipette

The bottle contains its own pipette, with which the oil is applied to the food drop by drop and does not spill out of the bottle. The pipette serves as a cork for the bottle and is an accessory to the master chefs to decorate the plates with it.

The Kocbek oil mill with its ambassadors Tomaž Kavčič, Janez Bratovž and Ana Roš is already presenting its story through their dishes with this bottle.


Handmade and Slovenian story

As early as in 1929, Alojz Kocbek used a stamp (AK) to mark products. It has not changed since then. Each bottle is hand-blown from the purest glass and placed in a box made of century-old oak wood, decorated with a stamp plate, the version of which is also available in a gold plate, purity of 999.9.

Idea & Design: VBG Agency Grega Žakelj

1. Execution: Glass factory Hrastnik (Glass: Black; Processing: Satin)

Filling: 350 ml Bio pumpkin seed oil

Prestigious awards

Nagrade Kocbek

Presentation of the Kocbek oil mill

With the oldest tradition, knowledge and experience, we offer all customers the highest quality and unique unrefined oils.

Oils are produced from selected and purified seeds with at least 98% purity, through the natural process, without any additives (dyes, antioxidants). Our specialty is cold pressed oils, especially cold pressed pumpkin seed oil. You can find us on Stara Gora along the main road that takes you in the direction of G. Radgona - Radenci - Kapela - Sveti Jurij ob Ščavnici - Ptuj. This is the NE part of Slovenia, the Ščavniška valley in the heart of the wine-growing Slovenske gorice, near the intact nature of Lake Blaguška.

Gorazd Kocbek
Oljarna kocbek


Taste the delight
Kocbek Luxury Black Bottle

Logo Kocbek zlat

Luxury Black Bottle

Logo Kocbek zlat

Luxury Black Bottle - Gold

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