Highest Quality
Pumpkin seed oil

To be able to offer you pumpkin seed oil that is uncompromisingly of the highest quality,
we thank the natural endowments of our environment.

Use of first-class organic pumpkins and their seeds

Our location in Prlekija has the best climatic conditions and soil in the world and here grow the best pumpkins that give us the best pumpkin seeds and therefore we can produce the best pumpkin oil.

There are 825 different types of pumpkins in the world, but only one species is suitable for producing pumpkin seed oil. It is called Cucurbita pepo var. styriaca. Our region Prlekija provides this species of pumpkins with the best conditions for growing.


The best conditions
mean the best pumpkins

The best conditions mean the best pumpkins. Pumpkins ripen from April to September, in the same field only every third year. Every detail - from planting pumpkins to picking seeds - must be 100% correct so that we can create products of the highest quality. We work with local pumpkin growers who are masters of farming and know every detail needed to thrive on the best crops.

We do not use rapid or high heating in the oil production process, we do not look for shortcuts and we do not add dyes, thickeners or preservatives.



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